Green Policy

Our Green Policy

Tides Reach Guest House Environmental Policy.

From our previous lives as teachers to this new way of living, the environment has always been a source of concern and genuine care on how we operate an environmentally friendly household and business. To date we have the following in place but we seek new ideas and methods to improve our carbon footprint and eco rating.

Renewable energy use

We use Thermo Chromic panels to heat our hot water which is supplemented by the gas boiler in gloomier weather. To reduce water consumption, all showers are fitted with special heads which improve the flow but reduce the volume of water. We have a system of pumps which distribute the water evenly throughout the building combining quantities of air to enable further efficiencies and reduce costs.


We have recently had an intelligent Genius Heating System installed at Tides Reach which now allows us to control every radiator and towel rail independently. So we can now switch the heating on and off in each room at will and to suit the clients saving us hundreds of pound per year in energy costs.

Daily Living

  • All radiators are fitted with thermostatic intelligent valves to fine tune the heating in each room. All internal dividing walls are lined with blown air insulation where timber frames have been used.
  • We recycle all plastics, glass, cardboard, paper and food waste that comes from the business meaning that our black bag output is minimal.
  • All toilets have dual flush fitted with ‘Hippo’ bags in the cisterns to reduce the water flow.
  • We encourage guests to reuse towels to minimise washing . Linen is changed twice weekly for longer stay guests
  • We make out own bread , thereby reducing the packaging that has to be disposed of.
  • Our environmentally- friendly toiletries are refillable which minimises plastics waste.
  • All light bulbs in all rooms are energy saving LED lightbulbs.

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